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BE an employer

We are looking for local employers to partner with Muncie Fellows. You might consider partnering with us if....
  • You are a local Muncie company that wants to grow.
  • You desire a skilled and teachable employee.
  • You foster a work culture that is creative and fun.
  • Your mission inspires your employees to do their best. 

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Be a mentor

We are looking for mentors in a wide variety of career paths to partner with Muncie Fellows. You might consider partnering with us if....

  • You have robust work experience.
  • You are willing to provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling for a young professional. 
  • You have a desire to invest in someone. 
  • You have the willingness to communicate what you have learned over the years.
  • You have experience integrating your faith and vocation. 

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We are always looking for people who want to invest financially in the program. You might consider giving if....
  • You value investing in the relational, cultural, and economic fabric of Muncie, Indiana
  • You believe in cultivating a local community focused on living authentic, integrated lives to the benefit of many
  • You desire to be a multiplying force of good in local communities and for individuals seeking to do good
  • You desire to see the Muncie Fellows program be sustainable for years to come

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