meet the team

The vision of Muncie Fellows is to inspire and equip a rising generation of leaders to explore

their individual calling and embrace the reality that all aspects of life are to be lived unto God.

  • jeff eads, co- Executive director

    With a specific interest in the conversation around faith and work, Jeff has 20 years of experience helping college students develop as unique individuals.  His experience includes pastoral work in campus ministry where he has taught at retreats, conferences, and college courses on living missionally, elements of Bible study, and the Acts of the Apostles. He also serves as a career coach to undergraduate students where he provides weekly professional development workshops and hundreds of one on one appointments each year. In addition, Jeff has presented professional development workshops to his career service peers on the state, regional and national level.

    Jeff has been married for over 20 years and has four amazing in college, one in high school, one in middle school, and a toddler! He enjoys drinking coffee on his front porch, dancing with his wife, watching his kids' theatre productions, and playing ultimate frisbee.

  • darbi strahle, CO- Executive DIRECTOR

    Darbi is a graduate of Ball State University with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a masters degree in Executive Development for Public Service & Adult / Community Education. She has over 12 years of professional work experience including 6 years as an elementary school teacher, and currently works as a field staff missionary with The Revolution and with neighborhood revitalization efforts at Greater Muncie, IN Habitat for Humanity. Her strengths include event planning, project management, mentorship, teaching, and being a professional friend.


    Darbi loves Muncie, drinking coffee with friends, and traveling all over the world. 

  • Dan Daugherty, Director of Education

    Dan Daugherty (M.A. Christian Thought, Reformed Theological Seminary) has twelve years of experience teaching Humanities at Schaeffer Academy, a classical and Christian school in Rochester, MN, named after 20th century Christian thinker Francis Schaeffer. Prior to that, he worked for Great Commission Ministries (now Reliant) and Teleios, discipling young adults and helping to provide theological resources for church leaders. He has spoken at the Association of Classical Christian Schools national conference as well as at the Rochester branch of L’Abri Fellowship. Dan currently serves as Director of Alcuin Study Center.